About The Saltwater Sauna

The Saltwater Sauna is a Nordic bathing experience that combines ancient wisdom with progressive wellness through heat exposure, cold immersion, & connection.
Connecting you with nature, reap the benefits of contrast therapy and join us for golden sunsets and sunrises, crisp autumn and winter mornings, moody skies, and stormy weather-fronts, all from the comfort of our luxury wood-fired saunas.

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Meet The Owner

ABOUT US As as 'Finn' living in the UK, the importance of authentic sauna culture was ingrained in Arlene's DNA. Linking her passion for cold water immersion, nature, and surfing, with her background as an artist, Arlene's enthusiasm for saunas and innovation crossed the ocean and landed here in Dorset. With a doctorate in the field of wellbeing, and a founder of a non-profit social group, the importance of bringing people together is rooted in Sam's philosophy. After taking a 'sauna odyssey' through Europe, he saw the benefits of authentic Nordic bathing for social belonging and everyday wellness. Sharing Arlene's vision, the couple teamed up to create a Nordic experience that would draw on contemporary global practices. Together, they believe in the power of connection with place, others, and the self, to meet modern needs. The result is The Saltwater Sauna.

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