About Indieep

Indieep, pronounced ‘IN DEEP’ is a new platform dedicated to showcasing the best independent businesses.

Our mission is to build the biggest, most reliable network of outstanding indie businesses, all while fostering a tight-knit community vibe.

We’ve handpicked some seriously awesome businesses to feature on our site and have asked them to get involved by shouting about their own favourite indies, contributing to the growth of the Indieep network.

Picture yourself stepping into an unfamiliar town and seeking recommendations from the owner of a cool bar.

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Tell us where you want to go and let us guide you to the best indies in town.

Good vibes only

Indieep is all about sharing our passion for unique, edgy, and quirky independent shops that stand out from the crowd. Every business featured on Indieep has our stamp of love and we’re confident fellow cool hunters will feel the same.

Explore their page, give them a try, and show them the loooooove they deserve.

Feedback & Ideas

This is a new venture and this will only work if people love what we do, so feel free to send us your feedback so we can improve your experience.

While we strive to ensure that the indies featured on Indieep maintain their cool factor, we’re aware that standards can occasionally slip. In those instances, we rely on your vigilance. Click the (?) on the business page to give us a heads-up and keep the Indieep community at its best.

Look out for the Best of Indieep Badge!

We believe that every business listed on this site is worth a visit, even a detour but those indies that achieve “Best of Indieep” are worth a special pilgrimage all of their own. Think of it as our ‘Michelin Star’ of the indie scene; leaving a lasting impression that you’ll eagerly share with your friends. We’ve personally explored and fallen for these hidden gems, and now we’re excited for you to experience them too!

A big thank you

Having an idea is a start, executing it, another story. Indieep is born thanks to the help of amazing people and friends, without whom it wouldn’t have been possible.