About The Paddle

We often get asked how did you come up with the name for The Paddle and the credit has to go to Harry. We were trying to think of a name that said 'seaside' without being too twee or surf café and also something that told people about our amazing wood fir oven and wasn’t too formal, and along came The Paddle. That is the short version anyway…..

We wanted to create a place where people could come at all times of the day to socialise, contemplate life and enjoy tasty, homemade food and drink, without having to do the washing up or put on a tie.

A lot of the inspiration comes from travelling when I was 18 in Australia and New Zealand, where I was Barista trained in the art of making coffee and experienced the amazing café culture they have over there, which she wanted to bring to the lovely people of Highcliffe.

Harry and I put everything into The Paddle and are both really passionate about really tasty food made from scratch, with love. If you ever feel like we are having an off day or have missed a trick, please do tell us as we are only human and our aim is only for you to have an amazing experience. If we aren't at The Paddle then we will probably be walking our cockapoo Mable on the beach.

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