About Crow Spotter

Crow Spotter was founded by brothers Will and George; Christchurch locals originally from Stockport, Manchester.

During their respective travels in Europe, Asia, America and a stint living together in Melbourne Australia they fell in love with cafe culture. For them, going out for brunch, lunch or just a coffee facilitates so many social occasions and cafes form an important part of local communities.

During early 2020 the brand established itself as a pop-up speciality coffee stall within Saxon Bar (a Christchurch micropub that comes highly recommended for a great beer!!). Quickly though the opportunity arose to open a fully fledged cafe within The Retreat, New Forest - which the boys took on late 2020 along with their best friend and new business partner, Mark.

As The Retreat has grown they have built on their speciality coffee background and evolved into providing a breakfast and lunch menu every day of the week with a network of incredible local suppliers.

Today they serve fresh vegetarian meals in a relaxed environment, focusing on locally sourced and organic produce.

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