About Grain

Grain of wheat, coffee bean or sugar bean, these 3 small elements are at the heart of our work, and illustrate our desire to return to the essential, to start from the raw to create quality products. And as we are not against putting our little grain of salt and a little grain of madness in the Bordeaux bakery-pastry, this little 5-letter word suits us well.

Doing everything from A to Z means giving the bread time to develop its aromas, taking care when assembling a pastry, and taking care when shaping the croissants.

Our credo, 100% homemade. We are artisans who are passionate about our profession, and for nothing in the world we will change that.

Each pastry is imagined, thought out and made with great care, each baguette is shaped by hand every day, each croissant is rolled with love and each sandwich is garnished with good fresh products.

At Grain, we like to follow the natural rhythm of the seasons and therefore of the products. To work only with fresh seasonal products, we regularly update our menu.

Here you won't find strawberry tarts in November or fresh tomatoes in our sandwiches in winter.

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Meet The Owner

Nicolas and Jean Phillipe After having rolled dough across the Channel, kneaded and baked under the sun of the Côte d'Azur, laminated in Bacalan, and poached, glazed, zested in beautiful Parisian houses, it was time for us to put down our suitcases in Bordeaux.

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