About Las Palmas Brewing

Las Palmas is a family owned & operated brewery and wine bar. Making its home in the “Old Las Palmas” neighborhood of Palm Springs, CA.

Las Palmas is currently the only production brewery in the city of Palm Springs. We specialize in farmhouse ales, fresh unfiltered IPAs, and traditional European-style lagers. Our beers are influenced by season, and a natural approach to brewing. Never any additives, chemicals, filtration or fining. We let our beers ferment in ambient temperatures.

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Meet The Owner

Sam is the mastermind behind the recipes and production at Las Palmas. Originally from Los Angeles, Sam grew up surfing, playing music, and experimenting with different mediums. He’s inspired by “old world” brewing techniques and practices, but is also a sucker for a new wave IPA, or a crispy High Life. He spent most of a decade living in San Francisco where he cut his teeth brewing, and eventually made his way down to the desert.

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