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After 25 years in the world of fashion and production in London, I returned to my homeland full time in 2015 to realise a long held dream – to pursue my love and passion for textiles, design and making. Having grown up surrounded by heritage Welsh weaves and saddened by the demise of the industry from when I was a child to the present day, I had this great nostalgic yearning to celebrate these amazing fabrics and bring them back to life in a form other than the iconic Welsh blanket.

My influences come from a happy childhood growing up in the Black Mountains, an imagination that some would describe as kooky and skills passed down from my Nan and Mum who made my very first poncho – the start of my journey.

Why a poncho you might ask? I believe everyone should have a poncho. They are the ultimate in ‘forever wear’ – versatile, classic, timeless, simple, non restrictive, functional, comfortable, seasonless, stylish and fun. They serve you throughout your entire life and are probably the most versatile item of clothing in any wardrobe. I love how people make them their own and wear them in different ways. They provide comfort, they are like a friend, they live alongside you, they travel with you, they become part of you, gathering stories and experiences along the way. They so often bring out the storyteller in people… invariably a happy trip down memory lane.

TWG pieces are made as limited editions. They are crafted from traditional Welsh tapestry – a double weave reversible cloth (so two colour ways in one) in pure soft new wool - woven on traditional looms in one of the few remaining mills in West Wales. Only small runs of cloth are produced, created in colour combinations unique to TWG. In addition to the ponchos there are other exclusive wares for the self and the home sharing the same creative ethos – high quality, handmade, versatile, sustainable, practical, beautiful items for man, woman and child. Sustainability, passion and provenance are at the core of what I do.

The Block and Patch-works are created using traditional Welsh flannel, a plainly woven lightweight wool cloth with a long and interesting history. Each item is individual and inspired by the patchworks of old but with a contemporary twist, equally comfortable in a modern home, stately home, cabin or loft. I also undertake commissions.

All my products are handmade at my studio in Hay-on-Wye and the business is now growing with a little help from some local makers too.

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