About Peacer

We keep things simple, 20” pizza sold by the slice, a style made famous by the great pizzerias of New York city.

To make sure that we only serve pizzas we are totally happy with, we make our dough in house using a slow fermentation process. This way, we can ensure that the dough gets the care and attention it deserves! The same can be said about our pizza sauces.

Along the way in the years of planning that went into opening Peacer, we decided to leave meat and fish off the menu. Why? Well there are many reasons, but the main one is that we just feel that our pizzas don’t need it. Hopefully, after you have tried them you will agree.

As well as pizza, we also love beer, wine and coffee, so keeping to the principle of doing a few things brilliantly rather than trying to do too much and compromising quality, we have sourced some amazing products from some incredible suppliers.

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