About Roake Studio

We hand-make considered, small batch womenswear and accessories from our Isle of Wight studio.
Our sustainable womenswear collections are designed to respond to women’s ever-changing bodies and needs: made to be worn and loved, through every change and chapter. We truly believe that fashion is forever, but for that to be a reality, the clothes we wear need to be versatile, as well as manufactured ethically and sustainably. Which is why we do what we do.

From the field to our cutting table and on to production, we make it our business to track the origins of materials, and to deliver a luxury product to love for a long time. We use natural fibres like linen and cotton that are kinder to the planet (and to skin), and end-of-line fabrics that would have otherwise gone to waste. We then make our garments to order, all from our little studio here on the Isle of Wight.

We’re as sustainable as possible at every stage. Our studio is completely zero waste - we turn offcuts into our jewellery packing bags, make small products like scrunchies and gift wrapping, and sell fabric bundles for crafters and makers. We wrap our orders in plastic-free packaging and our jewellery comes in pouches made from studio scrap fabric. Our reRoake service also means that any garments that no longer work for our customers can be sent back to be repaired or reworked in return for 25% off their next purchase.

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