About The Botanical Candle Co.

Started in 2014 by Amalia Pothecary and James Osborn, The Botanical Candle Co. Ltd is a home-grown business that is founded on the core principals of quality, fairness and transparency.
From a kitchen table side-line, to an established business in the local community, the team now pour, pack and despatch thousands of candles every month from the studio and shop space in Shaftesbury, Dorset.

Working only with 100% soy wax flakes, every single candle is still made by hand from beginning to end. The candle fragrances the team creates are close to nature with un-fussy, recognisable scents which are comforting and familiar. Minimising the environmental impact of the business is at the forefront of every decision made.

Amalia and James now run the business along with a team of 12 wonderful crew. People are put before profit at every turn and the pair strive to create a happy, creative and fulfilling place to work. In 2018 the business moved to new premises and was able to become a shop and studio. In 2019 we expanded in to our current shop space and in 2020 we moved production to a separate workshop space just around the corner from the shop.

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