About Situ Café

Situ came to life in 2020, in the form of our first community project ‘Situ for NHS’. Community, Creativity, Heritage are key brand values and I aim to bring these to life in all we do!

With a background in many aspects of hospitality, a passion for speciality coffee, cheffing, streetfood & events; I aim to bring all these together with Situ. As a Speciality Coffee Association trained barista, I brew a different feature coffee from Origin Coffee Roasters; each time we pitch up and pull espresso. Connecting communities with a brew or bite through local produce, conscious sourcing and creativity.

Channeling flavours from my childhood with our heritage drinks and food. You can find a fusion of Gujarati, Ugandan and western food served up in cafe favourites. Drawing on traditional recipes, ingredients, techniques, generational hand-me-downs and heritage to re-invent and share with you. This food follows the migration route of three generations.

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