About Dunes Blanches

A crunchy choux garnished with a light and airy cream. This is manufactured throughout the day by our teams in each store.

“Have breakfast at 4 p.m., dinner at 2 a.m., Dunes at any time.”

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Meet The Owner

One summer evening in 2007, the Dune Blanche was born. Around 5 a.m., returning from the evening, Brice Lucas, the son of Pascal, famous baker from Grand Piquey in Cap-Ferret, combined the sweet and light cream, of which Pascal holds the secret, with a golden chouquette. A pleasure for the taste buds, the idea seduced Pascal, who, on Brice's initiative, put a few dunes on display that very morning. The first twenty flew into the baskets of some, into the mouths of others. Today, the Dunes Blanches remind the light summers of Cap-Ferret in one bite.

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