About Darwin Camp

An unprecedented sociological experiment, Darwin and its many components are difficult to sum up, and attract as many different profiles as innovative projects. Between skaters and street art enthusiasts, green economy entrepreneurs, fans of electro music, biodiversity advocates and Sunday brunchers, everyone has a unique place.

"Darwin is a village square in Bordeaux's right bank. Coming here is like coming to the future," explains its founder, Philippe Barre. Darwin is a living place: people work here, but also come to lunch (organic of course!), have drinks, stroll, read, discover street art…children can have fun freely and even animals are raised here. At Darwin, one can choose to consume differently. It is a rich, creative, alternative, lively, dynamic, and inspiring place.

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What we love

Eat, drink, skate, play, shop, REPEAT ( do it with your kids too!)

Indieep Must Try

The pinball machines in the skatepark & and the ever changing street art.

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