About Pristav 18600

Přístav 18600 is a joint project of several friends who didn't like the Karlin bank as it was, so they decided to change it. In 2014, we acquired the land, which was previously used as a marshalling yard at the Karlín-Přístav train station and in recent years mainly as a black dump, on loan from the City Hall. city ​​of Prague. We are gradually building a LIVING PARK here – newly accessible greenery for Karlín and the wider surroundings, which comes to life in the summer season with a cultural or educational program and offers the possibility of sports for adults and frolics for children.

Port 18600 is a project that attracts creative people from many fields. We work to ensure that their relationship to our place is reflected in it. Every year, we organize a competition for architects under 35 years of age, thanks to which we gradually equip the space with furniture - always with maximum respect for the given location and with an emphasis on sustainability.

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