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Mom’s Sweet Shop is a boutique located on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, owned by husband and wife team Derik & Jessica. We have been in our current location since January 2019. The cedar shake building was originally constructed in 1971 but we spent 6 months renovating before opening our doors. We are proud of our hard work and happy to share this space with all who enter!

Although now located on the corner of East Arch & the Bypass in Kill Devil Hills, we've been organically growing our business since July 2011 when we first opened in Seagate North Shopping Center just down the road. Jess grew up going to the original Mom’s Sweet Shoppe as a kid, which was located in our old space. Long closed, she had fond memories of sitting out front with an ice cream cone & her cousins on hot summer nights, looking at hermit crabs through the windows of the shop. When we decided to open our vintage shop in that location, we knew immediately what we wanted to call it & focused our identity & branding on this conceptualized version of a “sweet shop”. We implemented the theme into our packaging, displays and marketing, with a small amount of retro candies sprinkled in. Little did we realize we’d be an actual full fledge sweet shop within a couple of years! What began as our eclectic boutique of locally made goods, monthly rotated artwork & vintage clothing has naturally morphed into what you’ll find today: half retail, half sweet shop.

On the sweet shop side we have soft serve ice cream, bangin milkshakes & vegan smoothies & acai bowls (because life is all about finding that sweet balance!). We also sell handmade truffles & candy by the pound. We see what sells & we’ve narrowed our selection down to only the best candies- the new & the classics. On our retail side we offer quality, ethically made brands for men & women, alongside our hand-selected vintage apparel & home goods. Our stash of vintage records is ever growing & always changing, making it a super fun dig.

As to Derik- the face you'll see most often in the shop- he grew up skateboarding and making music. As music is an integral force in both our lives, the shop is heavily influenced by these cultures. You’ll find us rotating a varied playlist of genres & eras of music in the shop. While the vibe feels young & fresh, our atmosphere is nostalgic & comfortable & we want everyone to feel at home when they stop in.

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Absolutely everything! Coolest mix of stuff from clothing, jewellery, kids bits, records, boards, in a super vibey shop. And if that wasn't enough it comes with an ice cream parlour serving sweets treats, milkshakes and acai bowls.

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Their merch and acai bowls.

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