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Scorpion Lollipop is a craft beverage and gift shop located in the heart of historic downtown Twentynine Palms, owned by artists and fun stuff lovers Sara M. Lyons and Josh Grelock. With a fun, bubbly, punk sensibility and a healthy dash of weirdness, we love bringing our own unique vibe to the high desert community!

Come shop our super fun and constantly growing selection of gifts, accessories, stationery, greeting cards, treats, and delicious craft beverages!

We carry a colorful array of gifts and goodies from brands all over! Whether you're in the market for a keychain or a button, a retro toy or nostalgic candy, artist-designed accessories or the coolest greeting cards around, we've got you covered! Cool art supplies from Japan? Yep! Incredible hair clips you won't find anywhere else in the high desert? Absolutely! If it's fun, cool, or colorful, we probably have it. Tarot cards, German gift wrap, tongue-in-cheek toys, stools shaped like giant donuts, scratch-and-sniff stickers, bolo ties, lenticular lunch boxes, vintage trading cards, color-changing mugs, and - of course - our signature scorpion lollipops!

Right now our fridge and shelves are stocked with everything from canned coffees and kombuchas to euphorics and non-alcoholics, and we'll have fresh craft beer and natural wine coming soon too! We pride ourselves on carrying some of the coolest, newest, and most unique drink brands around. At Scorpion Lollipop you'll see brands you've never heard of before - and you might just find your new favorite soda, sparkling water, or wine alternative!

We pride ourselves on our extensive roster of cool and unique brands. Some artists and designers you'll always be able to find in our shop are World Famous Original, Gentle Thrills, Ash & Chess, Red Cap Cards, Hellcats USA, Lucky Horse Press, 3 Potato Four, Sara M. Lyons, Deco Beauty, Suck UK, Wrappers' Delight, Yoga Joes, High Tide Japan, Centinelle, Coucou Suzette, and so many more!

Brands you'll find in our fridge and on our bottle shelves include Something Else, Kin Euphorics, Ghia, De Soi, New Creations Soda, Mash Gang, Hip Pop, Ceria Brewing, Noli South, Sound, Olipop, Something & Nothing, Courtside, Corsa, Brooklyn Cannery, Sail Away Coffee Co, Parch, ISH, and so many more.

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What we love

Quirky little shop, with a super fun selection of gifts and alcohol. We could spend hours there talking beers with super knowledgeable owner. The kind of shop you leave with a smile!

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