About Analogue October Records

Located in the heart of the beautiful and historic city of Chichester, West Sussex, Analogue October Records is an independent record shop owned by Craig and managed by his daughter Charlotte.

Inspired by his personal experiment in 2010 where he gave up all digital forms of entertainment for the month of October to fully immerse himself in his record and cassette collection, Craig’s passion for analogue sound and music led him to open his own record shop and launch his own record label. The label focuses on producing fully licensed audiophile pressings, providing an exceptional listening experience for music enthusiasts.

At Analogue October Records, you’ll find a diverse and carefully curated selection of new vinyl records from various genres, with a particular emphasis on Jazz. Craig’s refusal to listen to streaming music services reflects his commitment to providing customers with the unique warmth and clarity of analogue sound.

As a historic and charming city, Chichester provides the perfect backdrop for a record shop that specializes in analogue sound. From its picturesque streets to its stunning cathedral, Chichester is a city that captures the imagination and inspires creativity.

Come and explore Analogue October Records and discover the joy of analogue sound and independent music retail in the heart of Chichester.

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