About How Brave is the Wren

How brave is the wren is a children’s book shop.. We stock beautifully-crafted books created by authors and illustrators that appeal to the young and the young at heart. Our stock includes a wide range of books to suit newborns, pre-school, young and older children, or even grown ups who just like children’s books (like me) we have board books, picture books, chapter books and graphic novels.

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Meet The Owner

My name is Jenny Moore. A love of art, illustration and design have always played a huge part in my life. An education in photography matched with a passion for music led me to co-found Capsule and Supersonic Festival in Birmingham, where I was Co-Director for 13 years. The birth of two daughters, Mabel in 2010 and Molly in 2013, led to thoughts of a new career and an ever-growing collection of children’s books. And so How brave is the wren was born.

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