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Going against the grain since 2017; Hideout is a one-finger salute to the conventional coffee and donut shop. We started out as Southsea’s worst-kept secret, dishing out the fine caffeine hits, from the basement of the ilovedust design studio. As word spread, so did demand...which led our gang to move into our new home in August 2019. Our upstairs takes inspiration from everything: Skate shops to old-school tattoo parlours and is slammed, back-to-back, with a Scandi vibe - all houseplants and dark wood. Below ground, our Stanley Kubrick/Wes Anderson inspired candy pink walls, contrast with a crazy-as-fook tiled floor that's pinker than pink.

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Interiors, Coffee, Donuts, hiphop playlist and their dark motivational quotes on social media.

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