About Fold Brighton

FOLD is the name of our shop in Brighton. It is also an embrace with the idea that within each fold of a garment, there is a story, a culture and a language. In our shop we offer clothing and objects, which we believe have a story to tell; be that in the fabric, the designer, brand or stitch and cut.

In a world of fast shopping, we are interested in a dialogue between beauty and presence. In our interaction with what we touch, smell, wear and keep and the things we choose to surround ourselves with.

F O L D is also a place where we share discovering and promoting niche brands from around the world, especially brands that use specialist natural fabrics new and vintage and true makers honouring centuries old techniques of textile production and garment making. Alongside this you will find our own small run in house collections ethically produced in the UK.

We offer here in our online store a small selection of the things we have each season in our store in Brighton.

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