About Newlyn Fermentary

We work collaboratively with a number of growers in West Penwith and have developed a range of seasonal ferments. Each week we speak to our growers to see what produce they have on the horizon – then tailor our recipes based on what is available.

During the ‘hunger gap’ we have, with much dilemma, relied on growers further afield but offer complete transparency with this and label each jar of kimchi with the percentage of locally grown produce. Every jar has been over 20% and during the summer and autumn months we aim for 90%

Using the method of lacto-fermentation we produce kimchis, sauerkrauts and other condiments. These are based on traditional recipes using new and experimental flavours which blend with the seasons and champion local ingredients and sustainability.

We also create water kefir, a naturally effervescent fermented drink packed with probiotics. We add kefir grains (a live culture) to filtered water and unrefined organic cane sugar, allow to ferment a little (not too much) and then add our signature botanical infusions to create a gut-friendly thirst quencher.

All products are vegan, allergen free, made with natural ingredients and unpasteurised.

In addition to producing our entire product range in the Fermentary, we also run events and fermentation workshops throughout the year.

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