About La Tarta de la Madre de Cris

Cakes that taste like an old recipe, a slow oven, a party and celebration... Aroma of love and patience, a bowl of coffee with milk, or that space left for a good conversation after eating.

At La Tarta de la Madre de Cris we make our inimitable homemade cakes by hand, with ingredients as natural as the pleasure of enjoying them.

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Meet The Owner

Pilar Molina has been a teacher in secondary education institutes for 35 years. She always liked cooking and especially making cheesecake. Therefore, she used to make a cake for her family, friends and co-workers, which she was always very successful with. Until 2014, encouraged by friends of her daughter Cristina Orta Molina, she decided to market her homemade cake through a small business in the heart of Granada.

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