About Buddy Buddy

Founded in January 2020, BUDDY BUDDY is Europe’s first nut butter café & atelier.

At BUDDY BUDDY, we embody the values of sustainability, local handcraft, and premiumness in every jar of nut butter we create.

We craft our nut butters at our atelier in Brussels with the finest organic ingredients, ensuring a rich and delicious taste with every bite. Sustainability is at the forefront of everything we do, and we are committed to reducing waste and our carbon footprint by sourcing locally and using organic ingredients only.

Our coffee bars in Brussels and Paris serve as the heart of our brand and mission. We invite you to come and experience the full range of our nut butters and join us in our passion for wholesome handcrafted nut butters and specialty coffee. Each menu item, from signature drinks to pastries, is designed as a celebration of our nut butters, to show that nut butters are more than just something to put on toast!

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Meet The Owner

We are real people, not a corporation or investment group. That means we make mistakes, are a bit too obsessed with attention to details, and end up working 7 days a week! But we love what we do and enjoy growing and learning together as family of buddies. What we lack in pedigree university qualifications, we make up in passion, creativity, and dedication. We are proud of what we’ve achieved in the past few years and are excited to spread our spreads to new heights!

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