About Babka Zana

BABKA ZANA, a name that pays tribute to all the mothers and grandmothers who knew how to nurture and transmit. In turn, we are proud to continue this tradition. Since January 2020, we are happy to welcome you to a place that we wanted to be open. From the shop window, young and old alike are delighted to watch our bakers knead, shape, garnish, spread, roll, braid and bake in large glass ovens… Available in four flavors, the BABKA is our flagship product, but we also offer Rugelaghs – small brioche croissants, Hallah – traditional Friday bread, sandwiches and Borekas – traditional Mediterranean puff pastries… And other delicacies.

The recipes, developed with rigor, are made in an artisanal way with the best products. We wanted our dough to be melting, tasty, soft and crispy at the same time, but we also endeavored to take the greatest care in the presentation so that everything was not only good but beautiful to look at.

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