About Merci Paris

This up-to-the-minute store scrutinises current attitudes and urban trends with an anthropologist’s eye and questions the way we live now. What’s the meaning of our evolving behaviours? Is there a pattern to our habits? If so, is it any different in Tokyo or London? Are there any inspirational objects or customs there we could use here?

The store is constantly fine-tuning its selections, highlighting trends to reflect its set of beliefs. The result is a game of to and fro between the fleeting and the lasting, played out to entertain visitors from near and far. Merci is a catalyst of the age, seeking out and introducing an array of bold concepts and fresh solutions to its home-like space .

Beauty alone isn’t enough, things need to be useful as well, function is essential. We would rather be guided and inspired by the ever-changing trends in the world than by the inevitable sameness of seasonal collections. Merci casts a careful eye on ordinary daily life and tries, as best it can, to make it extra-ordinary, one day at a time.

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