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About Mamo

A place of artistic creation in the sky. It is here, at the top of La Cité Radieuse built between 1945 and 1952, that the MAMO created by Ora Ito is set up. Le Corbusier's masterpiece thus offers itself a new territory by becoming the showcase and the springboard for future creation.

In this new exceptional art center, the Corbu spirit breathes, impels and diffuses. MAMO like Marseille Modulor, MAMO like Marseille Main Ouverte. It is placed under a double significance that the MAMO takes its marks. Sculptor, Le Corbusier drew an open hand, made after his death and installed in Chandigarh in India; this hand already, blesses the MAMO. From now on, Main and MAMO go hand in hand. Two hands for tomorrow. To welcome, to seize, to help creation and artists. To also take all audiences by the hand. Wherever the spirit blows, the scattered symbols make sense.

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