About Lucky's Doughnuts

Authentic, hand-crafted and genuinely delicious, Lucky’s Doughnuts are made fresh throughout the day using the highest quality natural ingredients.

The idea was to keep it simple, and just make doughnuts the old fashioned way, no frozen product, nothing trucked in; just simple, delicious doughnuts and exceptional coffee.

As a sub-brand of 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters, Lucky's Doughnuts has delighted the Vancouver food scene with countless innovative and seasonal doughnut favourites.

Our culinary team is up early, rolling out the dough and prepping each component. Everything is made fresh, from scratch, no exceptions. With the same focus and commitment to quality and ingredient sourcing as our coffee program, you can taste the difference in a Lucky's Doughnut.

From the moment we opened the doors at our Main St. location in 2012, we knew we were in for a ride. Our seasonal menu is ever evolving and we thrive on the challenge of providing the best doughnuts to the city of Vancouver using high-quality ingredients and thoughtful technique.

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