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Workshop first opened its doors in 2014 out of an honest desire to re-engage with people, community, land + nature. Our approach to retail has always been to consider the things we consume, the life we absorb, and the time we neglect and apply a mindful and meaningful approach to the goods we curate, the partnerships we nurture and the space we inhabit. For many, modern life can be ‘all consuming’ at times and we recognise that there is a growing need to re-evaluate, rebalance and ‘consume life’. For us, a well spent life means slowing down, connecting and appreciating the beauty of simplicity.

Things, objects, belongings, stuff – are all tools that contribute to our daily lives. The value we place on these tools is mainly one of necessity. At Workshop, we believe we are more appreciative and respectful of the everyday when we have an informed connection to the craft, technique, materials and history of the things we use and possess and that contribute to our life stories. Throughout history, communities have harnessed the value of mindfulness, have connected lifestyle with their surroundings, have practiced a sustainable use of resources and have preserved traditional craft and manufacture. We share these core values and embrace creativity and design that utilises, sustains and protects natural elements and materials whilst benefiting all of our lives in a meaningful way with minimal social and environmental impact.

At Workshop we celebrate modern living for all its beauty and wealth, but to achieve balance, we embrace simplicity, slow-living, sustainable practice and connection. We value place + purpose and curate goods that complement our values and design aesthetic.

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